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Learn more about the Shanghai Yangpu “Entrepreneur Star” Startup Competition.

Event Information

Singapore Final

Date : December 7, 2023

Time : 10:00 am – 01:00 pm

Event Venue : National University of Singapore

Grand Final

Date : December 8, 2023

Time : TBA

Event Venue : Online

Award Ceremony

Date : December 18, 2023

Time : TBA

Event Venue : TBA

Event Schedule For Singapore Final

09:30 - 10:00

Check-in and registration
09:30 - 10:00

10:00 - 10:05

Opening speech
10:00 - 10:05

10:05 - 10:20

Leader’s speech
10:05 - 10:20

10:20 - 10:30

Introduction to the judges and introduction to the judging rules
10:20 - 10:30

10:30 - 11:30

Project Roadshow Competition – First Half (4 Finalists)
10:30 - 11:30

11:30 - 12:30

Project Roadshow Competition – Second Half (4 Finalists)
11:30 - 12:30

12:30 - 12:45

Consolidation of scores
12:30 - 12:45

12:45 - 13:00

Closing speech and award ceremony
12:45 - 13:00

Competition Format

Each contestant has a total of 10 minutes of stage time:

6 minutes Pitching

4 minutes Q&A with judges

Awards Structure

Singapore Final

First Place Winner

Second Place Winner

Third Place Winner

5 Consolation Winners

*The top 3 award winners will represent the Singapore Division in the Grand Finals, which will be held online.

Shanghai Yangpu Grand Final

  • Entrepreneurship Star Award, 50,000 yuan/project
  • Innovation Elite Award, 30,000 yuan/project
  • New Entrepreneurship Award, 20,000 yuan/project
  • Winning prize, 10,000 yuan/project
  • Star Scout Award, 100,000 yuan/familyYangpu District Talent Plan Special Reward
  1. The winners of the Yangpu “Entrepreneurship Star” competition (including the “Overseas Trip” and “Hong Kong Trip” special sessions) meet the conditions for the implementation evaluation of the “3310” talent plan. After evaluation, selected startups will get support including start-up capital, office housing subsidies, investment and financing, talent apartments, talent settlement, children’s education, and medical care.
    • The Entrepreneurship Star Award corresponds to the “3310” Class A bonus of 2 million yuan/project
    • The Innovation Elite Award corresponds to the “3310” Category B bonus of 1 million yuan/project
    • The New Entrepreneurship Award corresponds to the “3310” Category C bonus of 500,000 yuan/project
  • Talent settlement
    “Entrepreneurship Star” award winners and core team members can be given convenient channels to set up in China.

  • Credit loan

    The winner can apply for a credit loan of up to 30 million yuan.

  • Recruiting talents
    After the award-winning projects are implemented, a platform will be established to provide convenient channels for the company’s subsequent recruitment in the park and other aspects of talent recruitment.

  • Convenient entry and exit channels

    Winners will have priority in enjoying entry-exit facilitation policies such as talent visas and permanent residence for foreign Chinese.

  • Enhanced exposure

    For entrepreneurial talents who are senior in professional and technical fields, priority will be given to recommending them to university research institutes as part-time or visiting professors based on their personal wishes.

  • Assistant on children’s school enrolment
    The winners can participate in a special consultation meeting on high-level talent education held in the district and receive assistance and guidance in their children’s education.

  • Medical treatment

    The winners can enjoy a personalized health examination every year and enjoy the convenience of medical treatment at relevant hospitals in the region.

  • Entity Incorporation

    Award-winning projects that have not yet been registered and implemented in Yangpu District can enjoy convenient corporate industrial and commercial registration services and park policy support.

  • Incubation and training

    Winners will receive exclusive business incubation, training and entrepreneurship acceleration camp services.

  • Media communication

    Provide multiple channels of publicity for award-winning projects, including print media, online media, short video interviews, etc.

Startup Requirements

The contestant should be the main founder of the applied project and one of largest shareholder of the company.

Company should less than 10 years of legal entity registration.

Company with entities already registered in China should not be less than 1 year from registration.

Contestants must have certain innovation ability and growth potential, products with core technology and market prospects, and independent intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property should be held independently by the participating startups.

Contestants should have the intention and implementation plan to start a business in Yangpu, Shanghai.

Startup Domains

Health Tech

Green Tech

Digital Economy

Intelligent manufacturing

Future tech

Creative and Media Tech

About Huang He Consultancy Pte Ltd

Huang He Group is a Singapore-based management consulting firm specialising in resolving complex problems faced by businesses and society today. We are committed to assisting both start-ups and corporate entities to achieve their full potential through innovative solutions and forward-thinking strategies. Our focus is on providing expert guidance to our clients by leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.

For enquires on the competition, please email to jose@hhgrp.asia for clarification.